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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A Tough Little Life

photo by Cat Kindsfather

Dear Readers,
Each week, America's mustangs are killed with our tax dollars. They're run to exhaustion by helicopters. They crash into metal fences and trucks. They contort their bodies into leaps they can'tmake, trying to reach their families and freedom.
Some of us can't stand to see the photo or hear the terrible true stories.
Some of us grit our teeth, take those photos to our legislators and tell them real-life horror stories that must stop.
Last week, Palomino Armstrong took Honeybandit's story to Washington, D.C.
Her testimony -- and that of other wild horse advocates -- helped spur a vote to take $2 million dollars from BLM's mustang round-up fund.
But we want to make sure BLM takes the hint. So, many mustang advocates will attend the March 10-11 BLM advisory board meeting in Phoenix, AZ and speak out for wild horses.

Palomino wants to attend and tell BLM to STOP THE ROUND-UPS until a scientific investigation is done. She wants to make sure there are no more HoneyBandits -- foals taken from their mothers and left to starve in BLM custody.

I've helped Palomino document HoneyBandit's tough little life so that BLM cannot deny their mistakes, can't dismiss her as the equine equivalent of a crazy cat lady .Palomino's photos and journal entries have shown us a foal's life of BLM-inflicted pain and confusion. Honeybandit was rescued, but most babies in his situation are shot.
Almost every day, people ask me how they can help the mustangs.
If you want to stand up for wild horses, but can't be in Phoenix next month, consider donating a dollar or two to Palomino's Miracle Mustang foundation so that she can afford to feed the horses at home, and travel to the meeting.
Donations are tax-deductible and you can check out the
Miracle Mustang Rescue
Happy trails,

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Friday, February 18, 2011

Do 1 thing for Wild Horses; watch this

photo by Cat Kindsfather

This foal is watching you, hoping you'll watch this short movie sent to Help Horses in Congress .
Ginger Kathrens' film shows the cruelty being inflicted on our wild horses, with our tax dollars.
If you've ever thought, "there's nothing I can do to help the mustangs," this is your chance to ACT
1. Watch this: short film
then forward it on to someone else


go here to free Phantom Stallion postcards and send a postcard to someone with a heart and tell him or her what you learned.
You CAN education those around you!
Please help,

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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Dear Readers,
Today the House of Representatives gave BLM a warning.
How? They voted to CUT two million dollars from the BLM's huge budget.

This is a good beginning to the end of a cruel fiasco.

Feel free to ride along to my dreamland, tonight, where horse-hating helicopter pilots are grounded and wild horses roam free.


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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Palomino Rocks the House -- of REPRESENTATIVES

from Palomino:

Today we had meetings at the offices of Calvert, Young, Serrano, and Garamendi, in the House of Representatives. All the reps that we met with were very open to our ideas and the meetings were a great success. HONEY BANDIT ROCKED THE HOUSE! of representatives.

Honey Bandit's story had quite an impact, bringing tears to the eyes of more than one person. It is amazing how many people do not realize where their tax dollars are going. You can see Ginger Kathren's video on you tube; it also had a huge impact on the people who saw it. "Many Thanks to Ginger Kathren".

It is so hard to be away from the guys, but I am so glad that I have the privilege of sharing Honey Bandit's story. I sure miss hearing him whinny at me when I go to bed, and drifting off to sleep while he munches away. I know Matt is taking good care of him, and the rest of the gang, but I will be very glad to be back home again.

Tomorrow is another big day. Will keep you posted. Thanks for all the support and prayers. God bless!

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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Palomino goes to Washington

Dear Readers,
Palomino Armstrong -- foster mom to HoneyBandit, Chilly Pepper, DaBubbles, Patches -- and human mom to two great boys, is, at this very moment in Washington D.C.
She will be telling our legislators the TRUTH as she's lived it day-to-day-to-day with horses abused by BLM.
Please send her and Jennifer, who has been beside Palomino and HoneyBandit from Day 1, all of your best wishes. It's possible, I KNOW IT IS, that they will help stop the round-ups and save the mustangs.
Want to peek over my shoulder and read what Palomino has to say tonight?
Read on...

Hi from Washington D.C., Wow is it different from Shingletown. It has been crazy busy, leaving Redding last night at midnight and getting to D.C. this afternoon. Met some wonderful people on the plane who are extremely interested in helping change things. (Of course we trapped them on the plane and made them watch HB's video haha) Just kidding of course. We did watch his video several times though; it is amazing how many people have no idea that their wild horses are being rounded up. OR that their tax dollars hard at work is what pays for these roundups.

It is a good group, and after having a bite to eat, we all met up again and finished getting the informational packets ready for tomorrow. I don't think anyone got much sleep last night, so people were pretty beat, but they cowboy'ed up anyway and we "got er done".

Sitting in our hotel room, (in a very very old building), we can hear someone playing (trumpet??? / clarinet????) outside. It is sort of a melancholy tune, and it really adds to the ambiance, especially after seeing the big cities on t.v.

Am struggling to keep my eyelids open. Talked to everyone at home, and they are all doing well. It is so weird not to hear HB munching away, and instead hear cars driving by. Man am I glad I get to hear him and not this every night. The music is nice, but everywhere there is cement and apartment buildings.

Tomorrow begins bright and early, and is going to be a big day. We will be presenting factual information regarding the reality of this type of "herd management", and discussing the results of their choices. Brogan, Cinnamon, Jennifer, Leslie, Carla, and John are all here helping and more are coming tomorrow.

Have a great night. Just wanted to let ya'll know what is happening. Will keep ya'll informed of what happens in our meetings.

Am missing Honey Bandit and the rest of the crew like crazy. I know Matt is taking perfect care of him, but it is still a very big deal to be this far away. But it is a small world Leslie (Peeples) is a friend of my little sister Tami's in Washington. :)


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Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Bitterness Reeks

Dear Readers,
Have you ever spent hours or even days, brooding & aching over a person who maintains power by spreading verbal poison? I have. I did a little too much of that today :)
But, hello? Who knows how many hours of life we have left?
WHAT A WASTE. It's our heart that aches, not their's.
And have you ever noticed how alone you are while all that bitterness and self pity is going on?

When I lived in Los Gatos, each time the dogs escaped, they'd tip over garbage cans behind a local fish market and roll in rotten fish guts. Zooey & Eve -- an English setter & a collie -- were sweet, affectionate dogs and boy did they get their feelings hurt when, later, I didn't want to cuddle.

When we humans roll around in our own bitterness, we REEK and others, even if they love us, would rather not get too close.

Don't let the bad guys win.


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Monday, February 07, 2011


Hi ya'll

It's been a couple of days since the last update. Honey Bandit is starting to get more energy. Not all of the time, but definitely more than before. :) He runs and prances and makes it very clear that he is something special. With his head up high and his tail flowing behind him, dancing over that cute little butt, he is stepping out and making waves.

He still manages to get cast nearly every day/night. However, in spite of banking the walls and trying all sorts of different situations,the only thing we have found out for sure is this. PAYBACK CAN BE A REAL BUMMER....... DaBubbles has decided to send a message loud and clear. However, we are not sure which message he is sending. DaBubbles was trapped several times between HB and the wall. He was quite frightened, and rightfully so. His position was precarious to say the least. He is also the one that gets pushed around the most, being he is about a third of the other's size. So, the last time HB was cast, DaBubbles stepped right up to the plate. He very gently (ha ha) leaned over and bit Honey Bandit over and over in various places. Was he encouraging HB to get up, trying to "help him", OR Was he getting his payback. I have to say that at one point it was very clear that HB was physically unable to get up. That would be about the time that DaBubbles took a rather large mouthful of HB's skin right around his groin area. I have no doubt that HB would have jumped up in a flash if he could. It was cute though, because DaBubbles really didn't bite very hard. That is what makes you wonder, which is it really, payback or "assistance" to help him get up.

Once again the horses can teach us a lesson. No matter what the inspiration for all the "bites', there was really no real malice involved. Too bad we all couldn't play so nicely together, even when we are "getting back at someone".

HB is growing like crazy. Not too long ago, we had measured him for a new blanket. He was 51 inches from the middle of his chest back to his tail. Only a little over a month has passed and his measurements are more like 55/56. He outgrew his beautiful blanket. (I am sure that we will have another foal soon to wear it though, so it wo'n' ever "go to waste".) He is taller and gaining pounds quickly. He definitely has some more attitude. I forget he isn't like Chilly Pepper. She was only 3 days old when we rescued her, but Honey Bandit (according to BLM's best guess) was 6 weeks old. So he had 6 weeks of living in the wild, learning to be a wild horse. Sometimes it is surprising to me when that behavior sneaks out. But that is awesome, because that means more and more of his brain/memory is coming back.

We are looking into "anti-cast rollers". Please contact me if you have any experience with these. I talked to the vet today and he said he has heard of them but is not sure if he would be comfortable with them or not, as he has never used them. So I would appreciate any info you might have. For those of you (like me) who don't know what an "anti-cast roller" is, it is a device that you strap around the horse's girth, and it has a big ring on the top which prevents the horses from rolling all the way over.

I finally got my email addresses re-entered, and am hoping that I have all of Honey Bandit's friends back in his group. If you know anyone who is "missing" their email updates, please have them contact me at Palomino.honeybandit @gmail.

God bless and thank you for all your help. Palomino & the Gang

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Saturday, February 05, 2011

100 Paiute Mustangs Mend Broken Hearts

Running for the fun of it -photos by Cat Kindsfather
A herd of wild horses galloping, eyes bright, manes and tails streaming, may not know they swept away human hopelessness on Friday morning, but I want to thank them anyway!
Before BLM rounded up the Calico Mountain mustangs that inspired my fictional PHANTOM STALLION herds, my time with mustangs was spent on the range. Since last January, I've seen rarely seen wild ones free. Instead, they were harassed by helicopters, falling down mountainsides, slamming into metal trailers, crying or standing with heads in small corrals.
Friday, wild horses ran for the joy of it. Kind voices urged them down a wooden chute --"Take it easy, darlin'," "Baby, do you think you're a mountain goat?","Come on down, I need a volunteer." Yellow or green paint was daubed on tail tops, numbers were painted on their furry rumps and then they were loosed to gallop through Gate 1 or Gate #2.

For a couple hours, I opened the gates, based on a yell from Mike Holmes (sound familiar? he helped save the real Phantom Stallion!).

Foreman Mike Holmes

PURE JOY is the closest description of what I felt helping wild and happy horses.

I LOVED sprinting to a gate& flinging it wide for a galloping young horse. I LOVED reading equine ears and expressions and body language (sometimes even accurately!) to determine how or if I should move to show them the way out.

Come out, baby!: a few colts tried shortcuts behind the gate instead of in front

How did this happen?
A local tribe thinning its herds agreed to give these horses to Jill Starr's LifeSavers Horse Rescue instead of sending them to slaughter. Volunteers and donors did the rest. And I hope blessings are showered on them with the same selflessness.

Hearts for Horses: Rod Rondeaux, Cat Kindsfather, Jill Starr, and Suzy

Hugs to all,

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Thursday, February 03, 2011

Sixteen Foals

photos by Karen Hopple

Palomino Valley BLM Wild Horse Facility

The Sun J truck, carrying mustangs trapped on the Antelope range, arrived at 2:20 pm, 2/2/11.
The driver wore pink boots and pink knit gloves. She wouldn't give her name but verified she's a Sun J employee, then ducked under the truck to escape questions before helping facility manager John Neill unload* the wild foals.

The first horse tumbled out backward, but kept her balance. Most horses were sorrels,but there were also bays, duns and paler horses,including a palomino.

Bodies huddled together as close as possible, the foals stared at the truck which still held their mothers. Others scanned their surroundings. The red chestnut foal with blaze, pictured at blog-top, was clearly traumatized. Panic kept that expression frozen on her face. She and a few others sought the comfort of nursing from other foals.
This method of self-soothing proves these babies are too young to be separated from their mothers, even though they may meet BLM's "weanling" guidelines.

Despite that, the mares were funneled into another pen. Mares and foals crowded against the fence between them.Since some horses wore paint markings, perhaps they'll be allowed to pair up today.
All horses looked lean and healthy. Two older mares were thin, but moved well.
According to John Neill, many horses have been trapped and shipped to PV this week:
52 horses 32 mares and 20 foals
35 horses 34 mares and 1 foal
42 horses 25 mares and 16 foals
More than anything, I'm concerned about the Monday numbers -- too few foals. Where are they?

Please share this information with your friends at work, at church, at social functions. People will care, if they know.
The cost to our country is huge.


* done by poking whip/bag spook-sticks through the pierced steel sides of the truck

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