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Thursday, September 30, 2010

HoneyBandit has me smiling!

Yay for Palomino -- the only woman I know who glories in getting nipped by a horse :)


Was a wonderful day for Honey Bandit. He is coming back to life with a vengeance, and Lord help anyone in his way.

We started the day doing a little bit of "feet work". Just lifting his hooves for a few minutes. No biggy. Just want him to understand that every time I pick up his foot he doesn't need to lay down and getting him ready for trims etc.

He did very well and I was quite pleased. However, then we moved on to phase 2, which was working around his groin, in between his back lets etc. Well let me tell you what he does when you annoy him. HE REACHES DOWN AND BITES YOUR LEG. Yeah!!!!!!!! How awesome is that. He reacted JUST LIKE A WILD COLT SHOULD.

Of course we aren't going to encourage that behavior, but I was impressed enough to laugh/cry with excitement. So I admonished him ever so gently with tears of joy in my eyes, and continued our little lesson. This time he reached down and nipped my hand. Now these are not painful bites, nor do they break skin or even leave a mark. But they are certainly what a "normal" baby would do. Honey Bandit is coming back to life!!

We also had lots of excitement after that. Today, for the very first time ever, Honey Bandit and Patches got to play together without any leads on. They were monitored very carefully before we let them do this, and they seem to be a perfect match. That definitely warms my heart as neither one of them had a buddy before today. It is beautiful to watch them together. They ran around bucking and whinnying and pretty much were inseparable.

I tried to upload the video, but of course it didn't work. Will figure it out soon I hope. I cannot believe how fast he is progressing. Sometimes it is easy to forget that there are still no guarantees, but if his spirit and heart have anything to do with it, he will be here to go to Washington.
His breathing is a little bit rapid and his heart rate was a tiny bit fast at the vet, but she thinks that could be from needing to be wormed. So we wormed him yesterday, and he is taking his meds like a good boy. So everyone just keep up the prayers and good wishes and we will take America's Poster Boy to congress and Washington DC next spring.

Right now he is lipping my bare feet before he goes to bed.

God bless

X o honey bandit

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Wednesday, September 29, 2010


YOU & I wouldn't have known of these horses' misery if the public had NOT been allowed inside the BLM facility in Fallon, Nevada from January - early June.
Now, MUSTANG MISERY is hidden again.

BLM Wild Horse and Burro Program Chief Don Glenn has the power to RE-OPEN Indian Lakes. Ask him to open the gates:

photos by Cat Kindsfather

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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

"There Are No Secrets at Indian Lakes"

On June 9, 2010, BLM closed the facility on Broken Arrow ranch in Fallon, Nevada, locking wild horses in and the public out.
Since then, horses from the Calico Mountains, Tuscarora, Twin Lakes, Ely and other ranges have been corralled, castrated, and processed there. And they've died.

Many of us have requested public viewing of the wild horses and most have been denied. BLM's John Neill and Dean Bolstad have refused my requests because:
1) Indian Lakes isn't a public facility, but an overflow facility on private land
2) Visitation ceased because of the associated workload

[America's horses should be on rent-free American acres & beyond asking questions & taking in two horses -- I don't think I've interfered with chores]
3) Indian Lakes is not unique in infrastructure, animal viewing opportunities or health/handling protocols and the Palomino Valley is more convenient to visitors.
Indian Lakes may not be unique -- BLM updates showing deaths from routine gelding, and horses "found dead" "reason unknown" makes me wish it were -- but the mustangs are individual creatures.
Wild horses are tough. They take care of themselves in the wild, but they cannot when they're captives. One vet can't check -- let alone doctor -- thousands of horses. BLM staff, for many reasons, don't check wild horses carefully enough to notice injuries, disease, even starvation.
The public sees wild horses with fresh eyes,even when it hurts to look.
If we'd been at Palomino Valley instead of Indian Lakes, suffering foals with hooves sloughing off, with broken bones, with no mothers to nurse them, would be BLM secrets because they do not exist in the world of BLM until they are branded.
If we'd been at Palomino Valley instead of Indian Lakes, respiratory disease, draining pus pockets and facial injuries would have been treated as business as usual.
Because we're locked out, we can only guess at the welfare of foals born at Indian Lakes.
In a recent email, Dean Bolstad told me "There are no secrets at Indian Lakes."
But this year has proven I'd be a fool to take BLM statements on faith.
The Department of Interior won't open the gates to the wild horses, but they can open them to the American public.
BLM Wild Horse and Burro Program Chief Don Glenn has the power to
RE-OPEN Indian Lakes. Ask him to open the gates:

Cat Kindsfather,Elyse Gardner, Laura Leigh photos from Indian Lakes January-June 2010

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Monday, September 27, 2010

X o from Honey Bandit: poster boy 4 change in BLM

from Palomino:

100+ temps in Redding today and I got to load Honey Bandit in the trailer by myself. May not sound like a big deal, but the "step up" is about a foot and a half high. Don't have a working ramp and he is way too heavy for me to lift, so I used the trick the vet taught me: just "lay him down". That worked perfectly for about 2 seconds, until he decided he didn't WANT to lay down.

I finally slid his blanket in far enough so he wouldn't fall out. Mr. I CAN DO WHATEVER I WANT AND YOU CAN'T STOP ME stood up as soon as I left the trailer!
Gotta love that attitude; it's what's kept him alive & will keep him fighting. He was still standing up like a big boy when we reached the vet's office!

Nothing seems to faze him. As long as he is with us and he gets to eat, he is a happy little guy. HE HAS GAINED 25 POUNDS!!!! He loves being in the trailer. I think he feels very safe and at home there. Maybe he understand that that's where his life began to change for the better. For whatever reason it's one of his "happy places". His other and probably best "happy place" is his bed.

He is back on meds for another week to help his "scours". The vets were absolutely amazed at how fabulously he is doing. They were very happy with his 25 pound weight gain and were also totally excited to see him standing there with his head up. HE ALSO GOT HIS STITCHES OUT!!

So all in all it was a pretty good, although long and hot, day for Honey Bandit. He is now munching away getting ready for bed. Hope ya'll had a good day.

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A Herd Doesn't Have to be Horses

While they wait for Bear the Doberman, HoneyBandit gives Chino a bath...

Then naps for everyone Palmino's peaceful kingdom

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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Saturday Night with the Bandit

Dear Readers,
This JUST in from Palomino, Honeybandit and Chino the understanding dog:
Well it is 9 PM on Saturday night and I just got off the phone with the vet. Honey Bandit had a very good day, with the exception of some tummy issues. He now has a full blown case of scours, which if left uncontrolled can turn bad very fast. Luckily I have medicine from before, so we are starting that tonight.

He seems to feel pretty good. He just laid down with his head on the dog. With the exception of getting scours again, Honey Bandit seems to be making some good progress. He knows he is faster than me. So if he walks in front of me and I don't keep up from the get go, he can take off and I can't catch up. He thinks that is great fun. He is showing some real attitude when he wants to do something besides what I want.

Today he actually kicked up his heels pretty good. He spent about an hour next to Patches and they just sat and ate together.

He seems to be having some sort of reactions to noise or vibrations. I am starting to think that someday he may have his hearing back.

Our little boy seems to be coming back little by little. So hopefully this little tummy episode will be an easy fix and he will continue to get better every day. I think that he and Patches are going to be great friends. I hope so. He seems to be doing so much better, but we still have to remember that he is not out of the woods yet. There is no way to know how much permanent damage there was to his organs from being so starved. So we just take it one day at a time and keep praying for him.


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Love Heals-- even more

Dear Readers,
I'm out of town on a different computer & finally figured out how I can post to you!
That's great, because Palomino has big HONEY BANDIT news to report:

HI, the cars are flying by as usual in front of our little place. I can hear Honey Bandit chomping on his food. That boy can eat. He likes it when I "hide" his foal lac pellets under his hay. He just walked over and is getting ready to lay down. Unfortunately for Chino, he kind of squashed his legs when he lay down. Those two have bonded like you wouldn't believe. Today HB nuzzled the dog for a very long time, then licked him to give him a bath!

HB just laid down and put his head on Chino's side. Sometimes when he does this Chino looks at him like "what the heck?" They take turns laying on top of each other's legs etc., but sometimes Chino is surprised at just how heavy HoneyBandit is. Yesterday HB spent about 1/2 hour "chewing" on Chino's nails. Not sure if he was giving him a pedicure or trying to "fix" his ugly hooves.

Today was kind of traumatic for "mom". I had to take my human son to an appt and finally go to the store. Haven't had a chance to "shop" since this whole thing started. "Auntie Jennifer" was babysitting, but I was so stressed because this is the first time I was "away" from him.

Of course HB had to do something NEW because mom was gone. He has been trying to roll over onto his back to itch, and wouldn't you know it, he did it while I was gone.

Each and every day Honey Bandit shows us his true mustang spirit. No matter how tiny his new "activity", it shows that his brain is still alive in there, and that if we are patient, there is magic to come.

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Thursday, September 23, 2010

UP(and I do mean up!)DATE on HoneyBandit

Dear Readers,
Although HoneyBandit is not well, he's showing mustang heart and trying his best.
Palomino sent this last night and I hope it makes you smile. :) Terri

Just a quick update. Today was pretty exciting.
After a sleepless night with HoneyBandit, I was worried. He'd been restless, wanting to get up and down all night and he was making weird noises.

However.....HoneyBandit managed to get up BY HIMSELF today!
When I tried to take his blanket off, he figured -- no thanks! -- and thought he would leave! He even tried to buck.
Didn't work, but it was heartening that he reacted like a "normal" foal for a few seconds and later he actually tried to run across the driveway! That was quite scary as he almost landed on his face, but he boot-scooted for a few seconds.
HoneyBandit is not out of the woods, yet, but each day he shows a teeny bit more life!
Hopefully we will have some video and more pix up tomorrow. Take care and God bless. Thank you for all your continued support. p

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Mustangs, wild horse helpers & VOTE on your favorite cover

Dear Readers,
I hope you feel the September newsletter was worth the wait! My poor website designer was very patient while I kept adding things and disappearing out on the range between edits!
In this edition you'll see
>photos of Ghost Dancer & Sage tasting freedom for the first time since they were captured almost a year ago

>an interview with MAKENDRA SILVERMAN of the Cloud Foundation and find out why going to college really does prepare you for a life with wild horses!
>VOTE on your favorite of three PHANTOM STALLION covers
>visit wild Nevada & California through new web cam links
>ENCORE edition of Sam's blog!

Hugs to you and those you love,

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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

From Palomino & Honeybandit

Wow, what a night. I am writing this from the beautiful barn at ANSELMO VINEYARDS. Yesterday, the showers that had been forecast for Shingletown, actually turned into a real storm. Within minutes, we were flooding. The driveway had at least an inch or two of rain and the carport, which had been our temporary "intensive care unit", was also full of water.

The bed that I cat nap in while spending 24/7 with HoneyBandit was soaked within a few minutes. So I picked up the phone and called the beautiful Chicken and her husband "RC" and told them of HoneyBandit's plight. Being the fabulous friends that they are, Chicken simply asked "Do you want me to come and pick him up?". I told her no, my voice choking, we would bring him down. Thank you so much.

So about an hour later we were all tucked in to one of the most beautiful stalls I have ever slept in. HoneyBandit is not in any condition to become chilled or wet, and being able to come and stay here was a true blessing. I would have picked him up and brought him into the house like ChillyPepper, but he is too big and our floors are hardwood and he might have slipped and gotten injured. We all know that he has had more than enough injuries for the rest of his life. Also, even though he does not "potty" on his bed, the deck we used for ChillyPepper to "do her business" had to be torn down, and that is why we are going to build a little "hospital room" for him to live in this winter. We didn't expect quite this much rain this early. But all is good as HoneyBandit did not even get the tiniest bit wet or chilled.

The even better news is that something happened last night. It was almost like a teeny light turned on, and HoneyBandit seems a little bit more aware of things. Last night instead of going to "his bed" and lying down to sleep, he was on his way to get a drink, when I thought he "fell". I realized later that he had deliberately stopped there to lay down. He landed right by where I was laying. It took him doing that a couple of times before I figured out that he was actually coming to lay down close to me. Throughout the night he would rest his head against me, and this was the first time he had ever done that.

On one side of the stall there were about 2 or 3 horses peering through the window of the stall. The 2nd wall had an opening to the stall next to it, and "Timmy" was standing guard all night. He would whinny softly and nicker at him. So although once again the little Bandit kept me awake all night, it was a night filled with blessings. I had a warm and dry little guy, and he started to make that emotional connection.

I can't tell you how much we are looking forward to building him a safe, warm, dry place that will withstand even the wildest of storms. So please remember to look in your back yard, barns etc. And see if ya'll have any old, but usable lumber so this little baby can stay on his road to recovery with no additional struggles. God bless you all for helping. Just remember, HONEYBANDIT is going to congress so no other foals have to go through this, and we can't do it without you.

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Monday, September 20, 2010


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BLM Description of BLM photo: Wild horses released back into the Skedaddle area of Twin Peaks

Dear Readers,
This exercise in wild horse math sounds like a contradtion. If you add up how many mustangs and burros have been captured or died, the result will be beauty you will never have the chance to see. Even those that survive will be shipped away from their wild homes forever.
BLM said "suitable" horses would be freed, but so far only a few have met BLM's secret requirements. You'll see a BLM photo of some equines freed on Day 8 of this endless round-up. Notice anything interesting about these "horses" ?
Read and sigh for mourn those we've lost,

Eagle Lake Field Office
Twin Peaks Wild Horse and Burro Roundup

Gather Reports

Date 2010 Comments
September 19 Summary: The Twin Peaks roundup concluded today with a total of 1799 horses and burros gathered.
Animals gathered: 20 horses, 0 Burros
Animals shipped: 31 horses, 0 Burros
Gather related animal deaths: 0
Cause: none
Non-gather related animal deaths: 1
Cause: Injured foal from yesterday was treated and monitored overnight. The foal did not recover, continued to suffer, and was euthanized this morning.

September 18 Summary: The Twin Peaks Corral trap site, north of Heller Ranch, will be used again tomorrow.
Animals gathered: 49 horses, 0 Burros
Animals shipped: 35 horses, 0 Burros
Gather related animal deaths: 0
Cause: none
Non-gather related animal deaths: 0
Cause: none

Friday, ****** READ VET REPORT BELOW ********
September 17 Summary: The Twin Peaks Corral trap site, north of Heller Ranch, will be used again tomorrow.
Animals gathered: 41 horses, 0 Burros
Animals shipped: 38 horses, 27 Burros
Gather related animal deaths: 0
Cause: none
Non-gather related animal deaths: 0
Cause: none

September 16 Summary: The Twin Peaks Corral trap site, north of Heller Ranch, will be used again tomorrow.
Animals gathered: 28 horses, 27 Burros
Animals shipped: 0 horses, 12 Burros
Gather related animal deaths: 0
Cause: none
Non-gather related animal deaths: 0
Cause: none

September 15 Summary: The Twin Peaks Corral trap site, north of Heller Ranch, will be used again tomorrow.
Animals gathered: 16 horses, 12 Burros
Animals shipped: 0 horses, 0 Burros
Gather related animal deaths: 0
Cause: none
Non-gather related animal deaths: 1
Cause: Colt with preexisting hind foot fracture was euthanized at Palomino Valley Corral .

September 14 Summary: No gather operations today due to helicopter mechanical problem. Gather operations to resume 8:00 am, Wednesday, September 15.
Animals gathered: 0 horses, 0 Burros
Animals shipped: 21 horses, 0 Burros
Gather related animal deaths: 0
Cause: none
Non-gather related animal deaths: 1
Cause: Stallion with broken leg found in pen at Litchfield corral and was euthanized.

September 13 Summary: Gather operations stopped today due to helicopter mechanical problem. There will be no operations while repairs are made on Tuesday, Sept. 14 .

Animals gathered: 19 horses, 0 Burros
Animals shipped: 28 horses, 51 Burros
Gather related animal deaths: 0
Cause: none
Non-gather related animal deaths: 0
Cause: none

September 12 Summary: The Twin Peaks Corral trap site, north of Heller Ranch, will be used again tomorrow.

Animals gathered: 0 horses, 52 Burros
Animals shipped: 7 Burros
Gather related animal deaths: 1
Cause: 1 burro was found deceased in the trailer after transport from trap site to temporary holding.
Non-gather related animal deaths: 0
Cause: none

September 11 Summary: A new trap site will be set up at the Twin Peaks Corral, north of Heller Ranch, on Sunday.

Animals gathered: 30 horses, 7 Burros
Animals shipped: 62
Gather related animal deaths: 0
Cause: none
Non-gather related animal deaths: 0
Cause: none

September 10 Summary: A new holding facility has been identified on public land at Parker Reservoir. The holding facility probably won't be set up until Sunday.

Animals gathered: 62 Burros
Animals shipped: 36
Gather related animal deaths: 0
Cause: none
Non-gather related animal deaths: 1
Cause: 10 yr. old stud euthanized due to pre-existing condition.

*********** VET REPORT
September 17 Litchfield Corrals Summary: Animals at Litchfield Corrals are healthy and doing well.
Animals received: 1 horse 27 burros
Animal deaths at facility: 2
Cause: 2 year-old mare euthanized because of very poor condition. 1 year old stud found deceased in corral for unknown reasons. Veterinary evaluation pending.

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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Home Again, HoneyBandit & WILD HORSE EVENT TODAY!

Dear Readers,
I'm back from the wonderful wedding in the woods and gearing up for a fun wild horse event at the MACKAY MANSION on D Street in Virginia City, Nevada. From 2-6 TODAY, you can talk horses, enter a raffle for tons of fun stuff (steak dinners, books, and more) and I will be there to autograph my books and talk mustangs.

And now, from Palomino:

Hi ya'll

It's Sunday morning and it poured rain all night. Sounds kind of neat on the tin roof of the carport. Was a pretty long night though. HoneyBandit had a tough time. He was so wobbly I thought he was going to fall down. He was kind of lethargic and didn't seem to have any energy. He also seemed to have very little appetite. It is so scary when he gets like that.

Yesterday, too, he was quiet. We give him a little bucket or pan, with soaked hay and milk pellets, and he munches on that all day long, but when you look at how much is gone, it is surprisingly little.
He is eating/chewing ahead of his time, as he had to forage to survive. Normally at his age he would be nibbling and eating small amounts, but most of his "food" would be mama's milk. He is getting that by syringe, although for about 5 seconds he actually drank from a bottle. But he does not want the bottle, and the vet said that he is actually chewing partially with his gums, because that is how he survived.

BUT HE LOVES TO EAT and is one happy boy when his mouth is full!

He did actually "sit up" when he was lying down, as opposed to lying flat on his side. We have been working on that as it seems that it would be easier not only to stand up from that position, but also to nibble when he is too tired to stand up. That boy can eat pretty well lying flat on the ground with his head also flat on the ground. So being able to get off his side is a big step.

He seems to be more aware of what's going on around him, and the stitches in his eye are doing better.

Yesterday he had a visit from Danielle, a very beautiful, and much loved young lady we consider part of our family. HoneyBandit thoroughly enjoyed a very light brushing (with an ultra soft brush) from her. She has a very soft touch and is wonderful with animals, especially if they are sick or injured.
God bless Danielle for stopping and visiting with her mom.She has promised to try and come by and help me with him.

We want to thank everyone who is helping HoneyBandit throughout this journey. He is trying so hard to survive and has so much "mustang heart". We still need all your prayers! God Bless and we will pray he has little more energy and feels a little bit better today.

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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Bedtime Note from Palomino & Distressing BLM news

Dear Readers,
I'm posting Palomino's Honeybandit update and feeling a bit hopeful. I bet you will, too.

If you're up to it, though, please read the link below Palomino's note. The story is a bit hard to follow -- not because of the writer's skill, but because the writer had to untangle a skein of lies and half-truths about BLM & Honeybandit.

Almost forgot! If I'm out of touch for a day or two, it's because I'm helping with my best friend's daughter's wedding. Cooking for 100! Yikes!
At least the reception will be in a barn, where I'm at home.
Hugs to you,

Today is actually Wednesday. (says Palomino)

As we thought, HoneyBandit did so much yesterday that today he was much quieter. But that is to be expected. He still ate like crazy though. He is looking much better. Putting on some weight and his sores are getting better every day. He still kind of looks like a deer.

He is getting more feisty. When I go to take his temperature he figures he will just walk away. That is huge because before he never moved at all. When he gets his meds,he also shows that there is actually a little horse in there.

Heading for bed, this is starting to catch up with me. (good excuse to go to bed early - right).

God bless ya'll for helping.


Click here to see a photo of HoneyBandit and read the Vet's statement, which differs from earlier BLM statements BLM Vet updates his statement

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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

HB's Tuesday

Shingletown, California

Daylight is fading, and I'm sneaking in a few minutes for the update on HoneyBandit.

Today was a very big day for HB. He had lots of his 2 legged friends visiting, and he got to hang out with Patches, (the mini therapy horse) again.

Guess what? Honey nursing a miniature doesn't really work. Patches wasn't even sure what he was trying to do, but thought it kind of strange. He wasn't mean about it though, which is very good. Patches is lonely because the big horses are always trying to kill him if he is anywhere nearby. So I think these two are going to bond very well.

We tried to offer him a bottle after he wanted to nurse, but he is having none of it. We thought he would find it comforting, but he was actually quite offended. Apparently he is a big boy now and he eats like a big boy.

HB went out into the front yard and nibbled the grass and weeds. He was out for quite a while, and then his legs started to get really weak and shaky. My cue to bring him in and put him to bed.

His bottom left eyelid keeps turning inside out,and the vet said it is because he was so skinny he didn't even have enough fat in his eye socket to help keep his eye where it should be.

Wonder how he will do tomorrow or if he over did it today. We will see......

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The Whole World is Watching

photo by Mark Terrell

Dear Readers,
This week I've had the opportunity to talk to world-renowned reporters from the biggest TV station in France. They came to Nevada to uncover the true story of our wild horses -- on the range, in BLM hands, in the care of adopters and more.
They discovered free-roaming horses aren't easy to find, despite BLM's press releases describing thousands of "excess" mustangs. The reporters saw plenty of cattle, though and did, eventually film some wild ones.
International coverage means THE WHOLE WORLD IS WATCHING our treatment of living legends of the old West. And that should make you smile, at least for a minute!
We are not alone in this battle to save what's precious.
More later,

P.S. Neither of these Frenchmen have seen horse meat on menus of fine French restaurants. This stereotype is perpetuated, they say, by online fabrication and stories of the poor who are said to eat horse, just as poor people in the U.S. are rumored to eat cats and rats.
They insist horse meat is NOT fashionable anyplace they've eaten!

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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Honeybandit news

> For the first time in 10 days. HoneyBandit does not have a catheter in and does not require fluids every hour.

> Sadly he doest have what might be a hernia - a weak spot which could let his intestines escape from his body. It could just go away!

Palomino says: Having a deaf horse does not bother me, nor does training a deaf horse. What really really bothers me is that being able to talk to a foal in this condition is a huge part of the rehab.
Sometimes at night, as he dreams, his little hooves are moving and he is whinnying in his sleep. Who is he calling? Is a helicopter part of his nightmares? Is it bearing down on him, pushing his family further and further away?
We can only pray that he will someday get his hearing back."

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Monday, September 13, 2010

Monday from Palomino!

Last night was pretty rough. As the tears slid down my face, I looked down at HoneyBandit. Lying so still, in a solitary world of loneliness, his life so brutally changed. Only a month ago, he was running along on his tiny hooves, flying along side his mom, surrounded by his family, free to run in the California hills.

Now, his mama is gone, his family is gone, and his world has turned silent. He doesn't hear the pounding feet as he flies across the hills. He doesn't feel the warmth of his mothers breath against his skin. There is no more playing with the other foals, frolicking about, kicking up their heels. Instead, he lays quietly on his blanket, an iv running into his catheter. It doesn't hurt, but this is not the way things were supposed to be.

Later, after we helped him up, he walked over to the fence. Chino was standing on the outside. He went up to the fence and started nosing the dog. (he has been so "shocky" and stressed that a wild life specialist had suggested he could be stressed from the dogs as he is still a wild animal). However, he would not leave the fence. So I opened the door and the dog ran in and laid down on his bed. HoneyBandit slowly walked over and laid down on the bed beside him. You can be sure the dogs are back, and this morning he seemed to have a little more spunk in his step.

The good things yesterday was we had some visitors that came to wish him well and to bring him "supplies" for his survival. He, like CHILLY PEPPER, belongs to everyone. It takes a village to raise a child - well it takes the world to save a mustang. We heard good wishes from as far away as Australia.

Adam & Celeste Deem, good friends and authors of SAVING LI'L SMOKEY, stopped by to visit and brought a wonderful surprise. They brought some of their "signed" books to sell and all the proceeds go to HoneyBandit's care.

Today was a good day. HoneyBandit can use his tail. He can actually swing it back and forth and lift it up and down. Two days ago he could only lift it slightly and now he almost looks like a real little baby.

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Saturday, September 11, 2010


Dear Readers,
I should have published this earlier today, but I was out on the range looking for horses. Tomorrow I'll be at the Twin Peaks round-up again and I'll give you details.
Best Terri

Many of you may have read that we have "adopted" HoneyBandit. The paperwork is being processed as I write, but there is a correction. CHILLY PEPPER - MIRACLE MUSTANG, Equine Rescue & More is actually is the adopter of this baby, so we can provide the necessary care for him to hopefully pull through this.

I have been asked more than once what will happen to HB. However, the only thing I know right now is that he is our biggest priority in the rescue at this time and that we will do everything we can to help him get through all this. Every day that passes seems to indicate that he might always be a "special needs" horse, and since that is what we specialize in, that is okay. At some point he could be placed with an adopter, but for now the only thing I care about or am interested in is getting through one day at a time. The vet stated that each day he lives gives him a better chance of survival.

We had some mixed news from the vet yesterday. His heart is getting stronger - yeah!, but his potassium level is again on the rise. We will be taking him in on Monday.

BLM offered to pay for the vet care up to the day that CHILLY PEPPER - MIRACLE MUSTANG, Equine Rescue & More formally adopted him so we could continue to provide whatever treatment he needs to stay alive.

Please Note: HoneyBandit's progress is day to day, and has he continues to survive, he is also making it clear that he is a SPECIAL NEEDS HORSE, and that is going to include needing a customized, warm stall/room for the winter. Of course we have a normal metal, (not fancy) barn, but he continues to need 24/7 (hopefully not forever) care, and will have to be in close proximity to the house so I can be re-introduced to my bed someday. Our barn is not set up for a sick horse, and he is too big to be in the house. So, our question is, can anyone help us build/get a room set up for him as the weather in shingletown is getting cold fast. It has been absolutely freezing at night (especially for me - ha ha) as he is snuggled up in the electric blankets that were donated. PTL for that one, as we still had trouble with his temperature.

We can build it, but were wondering if anyone has any lumber or old wood that is sitting around their property that they don't have a use for. Of course it would have to be in good condition as his immune system is fragile at best. But we need to provide a safe, warm place so he will not be compromised. Appreciate any thoughts, ideas, wood etc. Please remember, donations are tax deductible. Thank you and God bless.

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" I'll fight as long as he does!"

Dear Readers,
Here's an update from Palomino. She and Honeybandit are on an emotional roller-coaster. You'll read good and bad news below. Take a deep breath and read on.

Today we had a little improvement in Honeybandit's blood work. His potassium levels are dropping slowly.

We also have some sad news.
The words "brain damage" have been mentioned and while I don't believe that, he is lethargic sometimes and very weak and, HoneyBandit appears to be completely deaf.

He makes no reaction to any noise and my heart is breaking for him.
How cruel to live in a world without family, but with pain.
How lonely is he, calling out "Where are you?" and no one answers.

But he has a new family and others to love him.
I have notified BLM of this new development, and we will have the vet do more work to find out the extent of the damage and determine if this could be temporary.

On one hand this is horrible, but it might be the reason he's so non-reactive to normal stimuli! We need ya'll to pray hard that his hearing returns.
This is by no means a death sentence,and again we will take whatever steps we need to so he has a comfortable and (as happy as can be) life.

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from Honeybandit to YOU

Dear Two-legged friends,
Wow, what a day. Went to the vet for my "daily visit" Friday.
I don't mind going to the vet, because they have yummy grass to eat.
Two-legged Mom & Dad lift me out of the trailer. Then blood is taken from my catheter and I am free to munch the grass.
There are a lot of big horses around here. They look funny to me, their coats are shiny and someone forgot to put holes all over them and you can't see their bones or anything.
Oh well. Maybe they are city horses?

Thanks for helping me ya'll.
LOVE, HoneyBandit

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Friday, September 10, 2010

Honeybandit : even the dogs care!

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Thursday, September 09, 2010

Palomino's Journal: Thursday

Honeybandit:lookin'cute in raincoat & leggings even if he's not feeling so hot
This is a wish list for HoneyBandit if people would rather send 'stuff' than money

1. Prayers
2. Horse Blanket
3. Electric blankets (for sleeping - we need several as he still has "accidents"
4. Orchard or soft grass hay
7. NEEDLES for his meds "20 x 1A" is the size or larger
8. Syringes, small and the ex large 20cc or larger for his feedings
9 Vet wrap

More news from Palomino & Honeybandit

Yesterday we moved the "hospital" inside our carport/garage. It poured rain and was nasty cold. We also installed a sling so HoneyBandit could spend more time "upright" as opposed to laying down all the time and getting pneumonia. He really cannot handle anything else happening to him at this point. It doesn't hold him up, just gives him a little support so he doesn't get so tired. He looks very cute in it.

He is actually looking much better than he did when he got here. We changed one of his meds yesterday and I think that was huge. He still can't stand up by himself, but when we do stand him up, he stands much stronger. He is also walking much better.

Matt was hanging out in the chair while I took one of those ladies room breaks, and he said that HB walked up to him and he was petting him and that he went to take a big bite out of his leg. His ears weren't pinned or anything, but he is starting to have more normal impulses. He actually walked over to a t v tray we are using for supplies and "chewed" on it like a normal baby. These are tiny, yet huge. He is munching away as we speak. We have to take him back to the vet in a couple hours for more blood work and I am hoping that we get a little better news.

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Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Palomino's Journal: Wednesday

Last night was a very hard one. Guess being tired caught up to me. Felt like my eyeballs were rolling around in sand and might come out.
HoneyBandit's temperature kept fluctuating and his legs were freezing. I tried to keep them under the electric blanket, but it isn't real large. It is an awesome blanket though because it works, number one. It is also really soft like a baby's blanket and covers his body perfectly. But then we have those legs.
At 3:00 a.m. the light bulb in my brain came on. LEG WARMERS! I went in the house and dug through my drawer and I found them.
Luckily I had two pair of black ones, and he has SPARKLES on his back legs!He looks adorable.
Went to the vet today and did more blood work. That bill is growing like my teenage boys. Fast!! There wasn't too much change so we are giving him a different medicine to bring his potassium level down. It can be deadly if it is too high.
Doc doesn't give him more than the 50/50 chance , she did before. She is surprised that he made it this far. But he has heart. Not just heart, but MUSTANG HEART!

I can't tell you how much everyone's support means to us. Sometimes when you reach this date in the care of a foal in this type of condition, you hit an emotional flat spot. All you want to do is cry, and that is not good. Because right now is when everyone is pulling together and praying and helping him stay alive. So that is why it is so wonderful to have so much support, because ya'll keep me from crashing.

I have to tell you that he is looking pretty awesome in his leg warmers and baby blanket. We had to smile because if you cover his legs and his body and his neck with his bandage he looks pretty good. Honestly though, he has a spark in him that wasn't there before. You can't even really tell how, or what the difference is, but there is a teeny tiny difference and it is good.
If his light was shining on a scale of 1-100, it was at 0 before,and today is a 5. So that is a small but wonderful improvement. God bless. X o from HoneyBandit.

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Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Tiny horse is hanging tough

Dear Readers.
Honeybandit went to the vet today, accompanied by more media folks who care.
The photographer was on the verge of tears as the baby got a transfusion. He will have to return tomorrow.
Though the vet urged Palomino to leave HB overnight, she couldn't because just the office visit & treatment cost $500.
If you'd like to see Honeybandit and Palomino on live TV, visit: KRCRTV: second chance

If you'd like to donate, visit: Miracle Mustang Rescue

If you'd like to hold good thoughts and prayers -- please do.


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Monday, September 06, 2010

Palomino's journal: Monday

Good things that happened today: We were on a radio morning show putting the word out about HoneyBandit. It's KCNR1460.COM and they did a wonderful job.
Then, at 9:30, Channel 7 KRCR from Redding came and did a fabulous story about HB.

HoneyB is still holding on, but he is on a roller coaster -- doing well for a short time and then crashing.
A few minutes ago I walked out of the house and pretty much started panicking.
He was laying so still and was so non-responsive I thought we were losing him.
I spoke with the vet, but they were closed so I couldn't take him in. She specializes in worst case scenario foals and she was a little surprised that he was still alive, that he still didn't sound like he was doing well. He did have some good improvements, like the fact that his insides are working somewhat, although he will still not drink his milk mix on his own.

The brightest moment of the day was when the little guy started to move his tail. It was kind of like when Chilly Pepper realized that her head moved. But he is finding out that his tail goes up and down and he actually got it to go sideways for a moment. His journey is such a roller coaster of little ups and downs, but he is so precious, so please keep praying for him. Thank you for all your help!

I am not sure if Terri told ya'll why we named the little guy this unusual name. WELL - we were finally going to have a small honeymoon after 2.5 years of marriage. It was all planned out until I picked up the phone and asked my honey to "bring the trailer to the Litchfield facility to pick up the baby. " Being the awesome man that I married, he jumped in the truck and the honeymoon was gone. Thus we named him "Honey Bandit". The little Bandit that stole our honeymoon.

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HI all,
I know many of you are very anxious to read an update on Honeybandit, and so am I, but I haven't heard from Palomino yet today.
While you're waiting, please take a look at this article in the New York Times and, even more important and watch the video on the same page -- to the end and you'll know what i mean when I say...
Reading rocks and so does honesty,


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Sunday, September 05, 2010

Little Horse Lost -- and found


We made it through Saturday, Praise God!!!
I am officially in my "horse coma" / "baby survival mode."
In this state your only function in life is to take care of baby -- feeding,iv, cleanup, flipping, standing up -- Life outside no longer exists.

You can't think about the foal living or dying; you just have to tell yourself,
It is going to be so worth it when he is healthy and happy...

All ya'll in our horsey world that are supporting this little guy, well you rock. It is so awesome how everyone comes together at crunch time. We have had people from the "goating community" offering fresh goat's milk, and other rescues are donating blankets. Usually I favor animals over people, but I have to say the people are definitely ranking pretty high around here, too.

To stay awake, I started counting Honeybandit's bites;
I applied medicine to 97 bites on this baby!

He also has a lot of weird cuts all over, but we are taking care of them.
BLM stated that a young horse had just beat him up, but the vet says much of the wounds are old and it would have taken 2 weeks for this damage to happen.

STILL, there are times when you can see a light inside and know that there is a teeny tiny soul in that beat up body. When Honeybandit kicks and thrashes around like a beached fish cuz he doesn't want his "yummies" (milk-mix), and then turns to grab a mouth full of hay as if to say, I don't want it and you cant make me cuz I'm gonna eat hay instead - so haha!

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Saturday, September 04, 2010

HONEYBANDIT: update from human mom

Readers: A tiny foal lives through a helicopter stampede, but barely survives 2 weeks in BLM care. If you would like to help, you can click & donate as little as $5: CHILLY PEPPER,Miracle Mustang Rescue Palomino brought Chilly Pepper through to good health and she's working to do it again, for Honeybandit! Help her if you can -- financially and/or with prayers!

PALOMINO'S JOURNAL: The vet gives Honeybandit a 50/50 chance of survival
If he makes it to Monday, he needs to return to the horsey hospital for more blood work and meds. We're well over $800 in expenses.

Giving Honeybandit IV fluids and syringes of Foalac/goat's milk. Jennifer brought up more supplies, including pizza, bless her heart. Abby and her friend came to visit and hand fed him alfalfa, got him to drink water & stand for awhile.

Up all night. Despite blankets, dogs are sleeping close to Honeybandit to keep him warm and licking him, too. I'm in a hammock outside his pen. We're all close enough that Matt talk to us through the bedroom window.

About 10:15pm he wanted up and when we picked him up he was soaked with, you guessed it, urine. THAT IS A GOOD THING. He also walked a little.

He is buried in blankets to keep him warm.I need to try and find an electric blanket for tonight. He is such a sick little boy.


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Honey Bandit in trouble

Dear Readers,
Honey Bandit has been robbed of his land, his herd, and his mother.
I began sharing his story this morning; I don't know how it will end.
Thursday afternoon:BLM says Honey Bandit was rounded up by helicopter about 2 weeks ago. At Litchfield,his mom's milk dried up. He was placed in with another baby who beat up on him. Finally, he was in the hospital pen. BLM could not find his mother.
We fed Honey Bandit Foalac (mare's milk substitute). Then, armed with bags of electrolytes, we started the journey home. We stopped 4 times in 100 miles to hydrate him.
Near home, we stopped by a vet who advised me not to "baby him" ; I might wake up in the morning, he said, but the colt might not.
FRIDAY: Honey Bandit was dying. His eyes glazed over and shrunk to the back of his skull. His gums turned white and his body temperature dropped to 92, instead of the normal 100 degrees. His heart rate was 40, not 60.
We rushed him to a different vet.
"It's too bad you didn't bring him in here last night," she said.
That night, Honey Bandit stopped drinking. We had to give him fluids by syringe. We stayed up,administering probiotics, electrolytes, Foalac mixed with goats' milk, and antibiotics.
I was playing with his tongue, keeping him awake, refusing to let him sink into a coma.
"Leave him alone," the vet told me, "if he dies before we get the iv in then so be it. Let him be."
I didn't respond,but I thought: NO WAY. I'm pulling him back. He has to fight. Finally the iv was in and the fluids were starting. After 4 hours, he blinked.

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Twin Peaks RESCUE!

Palomino Armstrong, "mom" to Chilly Pepper the Miracle Mustang, puts her hands where her heart is. Today she's fighting Death for a foal from the Twin Peaks round-up.
Palomino & husband Matt were supposed to leave on their delayed honeymoon (the first one was spent saving Chilly Pepper)today. Instead, HONEY BANDIT is stealing their hearts. And their honeymoon fund. I will post Palomino's journal today & tomorrow. Terri
3 a.m.
Am I crazy getting up this early to drive to a roundup that I know is going to break my heart? At least my friend Jennifer is coming along.
4 a.m. Driving fast as I dare toward TWIN PEAKS, not wanting to get a ticket or take a chance on missing the round up. We fly down the highway, through the darkness, towards the unknown.
6 am We missed it. In the dark, we drove right past BLM's Litchfield facility, but a BLM staffer says we might be able to catch the "crew".
6:30 We see some of the most beautiful country in California. It's harsh beauty, stretching as far as we can and then some. A perfect place for wild horses -- but all that's left are the lonely echo of their footprints.
7:30 am Finally, we turn around and head back to Litchfield -- still feeling there's something we have to do here.
(time gets crazy after this)
I was out of the car for about 2 seconds when I heard something about a "foal". Office staff confirms there's a 1-2 month old whose mommy had dried up.
I had "gut feeling" that tells me every minute counts. Without going out to see the foal, I offered the help of Chilly Pepper - Miracle Mustang, Equine Rescue & More. That would be me.
Negotiations began.
"It seems like having someone who would put in the time to help that baby live is the most logical, solution to the problem," I coaxed BLM.
Quietly, Jennifer asked, "Don't you want to see it first?"
I just smiled and said, "Nope", because when you rescue you don't "choose"; you take which ever one needs you.
But BLM wanted me to take a look before I committed. Here's HONEYBANDIT --

--covered in bites from his head,down to his tail, and everywhere else, and emaciated. His eyes held the look of a baby who had known the worst kinds of evil and given up.
BLM staff said Honey Bandit had been rounded up 2 weeks ago. They figured his mother's milk had dried up -- but they couldn't find her to show me.
When he tried to nurse from other mares,their babies objected with bites and kicks.
Now, he was starving. And he was mine.
I called my husband and he was on his way. I helped Honey Bandit to the trailer. At first, it looked like things might be okay.

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Friday, September 03, 2010

BLM Photographers Capture Beauty Amid Chaos at Twin Peaks Round-up

Wild ones try to escape through the sagebrush

Three young mares, a pinto foal and more captive mustangs with coats of many colors and questions in their eyes

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