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Terri Farley
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Thursday, January 01, 2015

3 New Year’s Resolutions You'll Stick To For America's Wild Horses

These are three New Year's resolutions you'll stick to, not because they're easier than going to the gym or spending less time online, but because the lives of America's mustangs are at stake. If you do nothing else today, put #1 on your list! 

1. Shovel out your old vocabulary:  There are no Bureau of Land Management lands, nor BLM horses. There are public lands and American wild horses.  Feel free to inform others online and in person.

2.   Follow the money trail:  as you read wild horse news – especially round-up announcements -- ask yourself, “Who profits?” 
It won’t be Nature until livestock numbers are lowered.  Livestock outnumber wild horses at least 50-1.  Memorize that statistic and repeat as needed. 

3.   Question press release propaganda:  When newsrooms are short-staffed, press releases become stories, so it’s your job to find the source behind the headline. Just because “news” is repeated verbatim in a dozen sources, doesn’t mean it’s true. Agencies send out hundreds of press releases. Who’s quoted? If all represent a single viewpoint or source, return to resolutions 1 and 2, above.  

Wild Horse Foal Behind Bars  by Cat Kindsfather

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