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Terri Farley
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Monday, August 22, 2016


Equine therapy can counter the trauma of being over-powered

I've read that, but I've never watched average children become more comfortable and confident in such a short time. The fusion of art and horses, concentration and joy is something that should be shared over and over again -- Terri

I'm at the Wild Horse Sanctuary Open House, setting up  to sign my book WILD AT HEART: MUSTANGS AND THE YOUNG PEOPLE FIGHTING TO SAVE THEM.  I’m surrounded by mustangs and young people who love them. Watch as they page through the book, I can see their imaginations ignite with what they could do to help. It was a magical day + 100% of the book sales went to support wild horses.

Right next to my table, a mustang mare named Flora allows herself to be finger-painted by children. I’ve never sat for hours, observing the transformation of shy kids who give the faintest butterfly touches and gradually gain confidence to make glorious graffiti on a patient palomino canvas.  

When Flora senses her pinto friend Fancy nearby, her hooves stay still, but her head – bigger than a child’s torso – whips around and her body vibrates with a neigh. Even then, the children just back away. Their confidence in Flora, her minders, and themselves has grown to the point where they’re back to work in seconds. 

Hearts, stars, hand prints, dancing kids & a slumbering child are among playful petroglyphs decorating Flora the mustang
One of the best moments of the day happened as I took this shot. A middle school librarian told me that every year the first ones into the library were girls asking for horde books -- often my Phantom Stallion novels, and she was happy she now had a new book (Wild at Heart) to share with them ! 

Little fingers wanted to wash up in Flora's trough, but they were directed to a special water tub just for kids.


Copies of Wild at Heart etc are available in the Wild Horse Sanctuary gift shop to benefit wild horses roaming free on 5,000 fenced acres, in most indie books store and Amazon

Click HERE to see our book trailer

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